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walls of learning

Walls of Learning is a school located in rural Rajasthan, that will provide 1000 underprivileged children, an opportunity to an education. The unique design of the school comprises of large, double-height, load-bearing, random-rubble masonry walls made of locally sourced indigenous Khato sandstone, that create a suitable micro-climate within the harsh conditions of Marwar.


The planning of the school comprises of larger central courtyard spaces, that are protected on either side by singly loaded corridors with classrooms, laboratories etc. This simple but effective assembly is in turn nestled within The Walls of Learning that provide further protection. This vocabulary of built form is further enriched by narrow peripheral vestibules formed in between the classrooms and sandstone walls serving as ancillary circulation zones for kids. Due to their specific location within the plan, these spaces are an oasis within the harsh desert climate and allow for permeable and open spatial learning spaces despite the hot and arid context.

The entire built form is further shaded by a floating roof of concrete providing passive cooling, while allowing controlled sunlight to enter into the protected environment of the school through location specific skylights.


The floors are to be finished with seamless terrazzo floors and the traditional pigmented IPS (Indian Patent Stone), known for its impeccable sheen achieved through the ingenuity of local material technology combined with skilled craftsmanship. The walls are to be finished with pigmented lime plaster and perforated with unique custom design windows built from reclaimed teak wood.

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