svm site plan rendered panel labelling
svm site plan rendered panel

spiritual retreat

Spirtual Retreat is planned for The Sadhu Vaswani Mission, that carries out spiritual uplifting and humanitarian activities irrespective of cast, creed and colour. The Mission carries out a myriad of charitable endeavours are taken up include building and running complete educational institutions for the under-privileged, periodic medical camps, providing old-age homes for senior citizens etc. Alongwith this, Dada Vaswani, the spiritual leader and torch bearer for the mission would conduct periodic spiritual camps for his followers. The infrastructure required for these camps from, yoga facilities, auditoriums, congregation spaces, lunch halls, staying facilities and an alternative diet and wellness centre were also to be provided for at the Spiritual Retreat


The Mission owned an odd U shaped 6,00,000 sq ft. plot of land, with a remote and constricted entry providing access to the adjoining road. As a response to the odd shape, a series of alternatives were worked out for master planning. The final design option provides for the most public functions to be easily accessible at the entrance of the plot and private spaces being encountered as one moves deeper into the property. This would inevitably simplify circulation for the vast number of visitors and stake holders of the project.


As a response to the brief, all functions are both planned and conceptualized bearing in mind sustainable design principles and the built form is intended to be constructed through locally available building practices using natural materials to give the project the unique time and place that it deserves.