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Studio Urban Form and Objects is an architecture and object design studio, founded by partners, Prachi Parekh Vora and Vineet J.Vora. The studio carries out material research and experimentation through the design and execution of research objects as a vehicle to drive the process of innovation in architecture. This research is aimed at exploring the potential of intersection between architecture (Urban Form) and Sculpture (Art).


Prachi (MSC. Sustainable Environmental Design, Architectural Association, London UK) is deeply passionate about Sustainability as a design strategy and agenda in practice while, Vineet (M.Arch Architecture and Urbanism (DRL, Architectural Association, London UK) brings to the studio, the experience of an advanced workflow of integration between digital software design tools and CNC manufacturing techniques.


As a collective effort Studio UF+O projects are examples of Sustainable Design Principles combined with local sustainably used methods of making that are deployed at an architectural scale.


Our projects inevitably involve ways of making that range from local hand-done to digital new-age processes of manufacturing. This complex amalgamation of process and products is the design intent Studio UF+O follows . This process is inherently non-linear and unique to the brief of every project. 

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