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House In The Fields is a 12,000 sq.ft. vacation retreat built on a sprawling 2 acre plot, within the client’s native village around Patiala, Punjab. The House sits on a plot that projects out of the village boundary into and overlooking the surrounding fields. Its 7 bedroom built volume is broken down into 3 blocks that are connected by landscaped pathways that permeate it into its natural context.


The main living volume providing for shared spaces of kitchen, living, dining and common areas is to be a simple concrete, steel and glass cuboid facing the subtle and cool north light, looking over the fields through a deep deck area. A deep overhang protects this glass volume from direct incident solar radiation.


In order to screen the house from the harsh solar radiation on the south side, the studio looked to create a seamless continuous screening system adapting locally available methods of making. Inspiration was drawn from the famed Phulkari Embroidery Patterns originating in Punjab, custom patterns were then created as templates for this screening system. The studio then worked with local potters to create bespoke dye components, each 2’ x 2’ in size made of Shisham Wood. These were then used to cast pigmented concrete screens that form the front façade framing the entry to the home.

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