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Gardens In The Sky is a 1,12,000 sq.ft, mixed-use, high-rise structure comprising of commercial, retail, residential spaces in Mumbai. It is characterized by a green belt that is woven vertically into the built volume of the structure. These ‘Gardens’ take on varying forms of functions on every level.

The mass of the building is comprised of receding volumes along the height of the structure, as one moves vertically up. Largest floor plates of retail spaces form the lowermost volume with continuous peripheral landscaping along their boundaries. These are followed by recessed commercial offices. The ‘Gardens’ at these levels become a unifying spine cutting through the entire height of the commercial block providing varying types of congregation spaces interspersed with green, along the north face of the building. The topmost block comprises of residential apartment that enjoys a combination of double height landscaped courtyards and peripheral landscaping.

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