SG UF+O 318 140
SG UF+O 318 163
SG UF+O 318 005
SG UF+O 318 401
SG UF+O 318 170
SG UF+O 318 107


Kit of Parts was designed and created for Bombay Perfumery, a progressive perfumery based out of Bombay(Mumbai), India, to serve as product display setups for their range of fragrances in various concept stores across the country. These were meant to be extremely minimal and purely functional objects so as not to interfere with the distinct aesthetic of the perfume bottles itself.

Concrete and Mild Steel were selected as the materials for this object in order to contrast with the very sophisticated look and tactility offered by the products on display.

As a result, the visual merchandising team of all such stores are provided a Kit of Parts comprising of Concrete Pads and 7 MS rods that can be assembled in different ways to maintain a synergistic language while still providing that little bit of variation.  

Photo Credit : Shivam Gupta