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Jaali House is a 6000 sq.ft. home planned on an ancestral property set in a remote village of rural Rajasthan.

A traditional architectural element - The Stone Jaali has been used in Rajasthan as a climatological response to the harsh climates and dusty environment. It blocks out the harsh heat, cools the insides and while doing so filters through beautiful light into homes.


This traditional stone jaali is reinvented in appearance, size and construction methods in this project.

At the digital level an algorithm defined the level of porosity desired for the structure. Several emerging options were then carefully examined based on aesthetic and environmental parameters. The final design was sectioned based on stone sizes locally available.

At the analogue level, these stone components were made using local quartzite stone, naturally found in and around Rajasthan. The components were cut, milled using CNC technology and then finished by hand before they finally were dry clad on the walls to form a whole that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

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